Resident Teacher

Nigel is the regular teacher for the Drums Aloud classes, which specialise in traditional Guinean, Malian & Ivorian rhythms, which is at the heart of the music of West Africa. Occasionally, we will also introduce a day of sabar drumming which is hand and stick drumming from Senegal. Drums Aloud will provide full notation for all djembe classes and often supplemental audio and video.

Nigel Sadler has studied both djembe and sabar, on a regular basis since the start of 2007, and has been teaching both since 2008. Nigel spent 3 weeks in Jan 2013 with Mamady Keita in Abene studying djembe, duns, balafon and kora, and performed with Mamady, Seckou Keita and Iya Sako at the Abene Festival. Nigel has also performed sabar with Sankofa & Modou Diouf at the Kartong Festival (The Gambia) in 2008, and again with Japo, Modou Diouf & Gana Diop at the Kartong Festival in 2016. Nigel has also studied djembe/dundun, sabar, balafon, kora, singing & dance with a huge number of teachers, managing to combine his work travel with an ability to unearth drum classes in Japan, Dubai, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Germany & the US. At the last count, well over 60 different teachers.

Guest Teachers

Drums Aloud seeks to provide a regular infusion of master West African teachers who have spent a lifetime honing their skills. These master drummers (and dancers) provide great inspiration with their drumming abiities as well as their profound and deep knowledge of the rhythms, their usage, history and context. In addition, Drums Aloud have invited many of the excellent non-African teachers who have spent many years studying and gaining experience in West African djembe & sabar drumming from those same teachers and from other teachers in West Africa. In fact, Hans Sutton is the teacher who has taught most often at Drums Aloud and his teaching material has formed the foundation of much of the performance material for Drums Aloud, and more recently, for Kinkiliba (the performance group comprising a number of the Drums Aloud regulars).

Babara Bangoura is a charismatic, dynamic and fun teacher from Guinea. He is the spiritual son of the Guinean djembe-master, Mamady Keita. Babara is a member of Keita's mythical group SEWA KAN. In Conakry, the capital city of Guinea, Babara joined the Guinean Junior Percussionists at a very early age and later on joined the National Ballet 'Djoliba'. Nowadays he leads his own group FOLI KAN and is very dedicated to propagate the Guinea tradition and the art of playing djembe. At the same time, he makes learning a lot of fun.
Hans Sutton is a perceptive, dynamic and inspiring teacher who began playing djembe aged 10 and teaching aged 15. He specialises in Malian rhythms and has studied with the world's best drummers in Africa & Europe. Hans is renowned for his versatile teaching methods, comprehensive subject knowledge and the high standards his students achieve. He runs regular classes all over the UK, is much sought after and teaches and performs at all the major drumming festivals.
Seckou Keita is a djembe-fola (djembe player) from Ziguinchor, Senegal, who has been teaching and performing in the UK for many years. He has established himself as one of the most sought after teachers in the UK, as well as a brilliant & charismatic performer on kora and djembe. Visit his website for more information.
Sidiki Dembele is a djembe-fola (djembe player) from the Ivory Coast. Since his arrival into the UK, he has quickly established a reputation for being a dynamic and powerful drummer as well as being a patient and perceptive teacher. He gives full value in his workshops, usually including singing, accompanied on N'Goni as well as demonstrating his prowess by demonstrating djembekans. Visit his website for more information.
Modou Diouf is from the Serer tribe in Sengal and now lives in Kartong, The Gambia where he runs Darai Sabar, a school for sabar drumming. He has been teaching sabar in the UK since 2004, and he has the ability to teach all levels, from beginner to advanced. Modou comes to the UK each summer. Whilst in the UK, he performs and teaches at various UK workshops and festivals, including Drum Camp, SOAS, and regular workshops in Suffolk, Essex, Cornwall, Bristol, Banbury & Nottingham.
Iya Sako is a Guinean djembe-fola (djembe player) from the Malinke ethnic group, and comes from Samakofadda in the Wassolon region of Guinea. Since arriving in the UK in 2007, he has quickly established himself as one of the top UK teachers. His teaching style is relaxed and gentle and he is now a hugely popular teacher.
Yahael (Yahs) Camara-Onono is a drummer/dancer whose parental heritage is from Tambacounda, Senegal as well as northern Nigeria, and his grandparents from Khassana, Kayes in Mali. Yahs was born in London, but schooled in Ivory Coast, and spent much of his formative years travelling across West Africa (mainly Nigeria, Senegal and The Gambia). He has established himself as a top all-round teacher/performer, working with many artists, in particular supporting Sidiki Dembele, and was a great supporter of The Brothers Tour. He is extremely knowledgeable about all forms of drumming & dancing. He plays djembe, duns, calabash, sabar (and tama, or talking drum), atumpan, kpanlogo, as well as the Igbo drum set (ekwe, krin, kalangu, ogene) and probably many more besides. He is a lot of fun in classes, with his wicked sense of humour, and he has a lovely singing voice.
Nansady Keita is a Guinean djembe-fola (djembe player) and nephew of internationally-renowned djembe-master Famoudou Konate. Nansady is considered a successor of Famoudou as a traditional village drummer. Nansady is from the Malinke ethnic group, and comes from Sangbaralla, a village near Kouroussa, in the Hamana region of Guinea.
Ansoumana 'Vieux' Bakayoko has been playing since the age of three and whilst living in Senegal, he led a troupe of drummers & dancers, 'The Ballet Bougarabou', for about 14 years. Vieux now lives in the UK and was the soloist drummer and leader of Hamana. He is a master of djembe, dundun, bolon & krin and he teaches traditional Mandingue/Malinke rhythms and his teaching & playing style are very dynamic and great fun. Visit his personal website for more information.
Mohamed "Mobe" Camara has worked with Ballet Nimba, Souleymane Compo, Iya Sako and other West African performers in the UK. In W. Africa he has worked with The Bougarabou, Allatantu, Wassassou of Guinea & other troupes. He has performed at Drum Camp, ABC and Womad and has appeared with Guinea's Cirque Mandingue in London. Mobe is a star with unique qualities, bringing smiles and sunshine to many audiences with a natural and innate love of the music of Guinea.
Adam Bailey has been a percussionist for over 20 years. Adam first made his transition from jazz kit to djembe in 2005 and has since worked with and studied under various djembe masters. Adam is known for his clear and fun teaching style that not only stretches his students but inspires them to progress further than they first imagined.
Justine Hart has been running African Drumming Workshops since 1998 and has extensive teaching experience with groups of mixed ability. Her passion and enthusiasm for African drumming, dance and songs positions her to be able to deliver a unique mix of all these aspects. Justine regularly visits West Africa to continue her ongoing study of this exciting musical form and to experience the culture from which it originates.